Handcross Primary


After School Clubs – Summer Term 2019

Please see below a list of all the clubs that we are running this term.  All clubs run for 10 weeks.  

There is a charge of £15 per child for attendance to clubs for the whole term.  This payment will cover as many clubs as your child would like to attend with the exception of premium paid clubs and Go Wild which are extra. The charge needs to be paid prior to commencing the club.

We will make every effort to ensure that these clubs run each week.  Please note that should it rain heavily during the day some clubs might be cancelled and your child will need to be collected at the normal time.  We will text parents as soon as we possibly can if we need to cancel a club for any reason. If in doubt, please call the school office to confirm whether or not a club is being held.  If your child attends Teddies, s/he will be taken to and collected from clubs.

If for any reason your child is unable to attend an after school club, please can you ensure that you inform the office as it is important for us to account for any absence for safety reasons.

Clubs List Autumn 2019