Handcross Primary

Forest School

Forest School places an emphasis on outdoor, child-led learning, enabling children to expand their knowledge of themselves, others and the environment by taking part in hands-on activities in a safe, natural setting.

We are fortunate to have Nymans Woods (owned by The National Trust) a short walk away from school and fantastic links with their Forest Rangers - Adam & Chloe.




Activities vary from group to group and season to season, but sessions might include:

  • Learning how to build and light campfires 
  • Campfire cooking e.g: flat breads, making hot chocolate, campfire pizzas 
  • Woodland inspired art, craft and woodwork projects
  • Team building games
  • Den building
  • Exploring and playing in the woods
  • Developing interests, understanding and respect for the living things around the wood
  • Making new friends and working with children from another year group
  • Learning to use tools and equipment
  • Promoting and developing confidence, self esteem & independence

Adam writes weekly overviews of the activities, any particular highlights/observations and thoughts for subsequent sessions based on children's feedback and input. Here are a few comments he has made recently:


I was amazed at how efficiently the group went about firelighting, looking to get things done. They stacked the fire in a pyramidal style, got cotton wool &  Vaseline ready and handed out fire steels. All in the group lit their piece of cotton wool, offering to help one another if anyone was struggling.