Handcross Primary


Key Stage 1 has a two year cycle:

We are currently in Cycle 1. Please see current topic curriculum plan for more information.

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Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Autumn 1

Super - Me!


(Superheroes, our bodies, our senses, local area: Nymans walk)

Healthy Me


(Being safe, looking after ourselves, Florence Nightingale focus)

Autumn 2

Fire and Dragons


(Creative writing, Great Fire of London focus)

The Wild Woods


(Animals who live in the woods)

Spring 1



(The Arctic, Shackleton, Continents, habitats)

Into the Castle


(Historic features of castles, focus on Bodium Castle)

Spring 2

Up and Away


(Astronauts- moon landings, planets)

How Does Your Garden Grow?


(Growing and planting focus)

Summer 1

Down on the Farm


(Animals, where food comes from, life cycles)

Creepers and Crawlers


(Pond life, Visit to Wakehurst Place)

Summer 2

Beside the Sea


(Physical features, the sea, sea creatures)

Ocean Deep


(Different Habitats, rock pooling)