Handcross Primary

Life in the Juniors



Key Stage 2 has a four year topic cycle, which over time, is moving to a two year cycle 

We are currently in Cycle 2. Please see current topic curriculum plan for more details.

Select clickable items to download the curriculum plan.

Grammar is taught as outlined in the National Curriculum by year group and embedded within out English lessons. 

For maths, the National Curriculum objectives for each year group are covered through the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning. 

Cycle 1

Cycle 2


Stone Age to Iron Age


(Butser Ancient Farm visit, changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, Stone Age artefacts)Year 3/4 overview

Year 5/6 overview

 Year 3/4 Knowledge Organiser

 Year 5/6 Knowledge Organiser

The Romans


(The Roman Empire/ Visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace)


Year 3/4 overview

Year 5/6 overview


Year 3/4 Knowledge Organiser

Year 5/6 Knowledge Organiser



Ancient Egypt 

Ancient Egypt Year 3-4

Ancient Egypt Year 5-6

(Ancient civilisations / Egyptian Day, Egyptian artefacts)


Year 3/4 Knowledge Organiser

 Year 5/6 Knowledge Organiser

Year 3/4

The Victorians


Year 5/6

Planet Earth 

 (Europe & North America comparison, biomes , sustainability/ recycling)






Rainforests Year 3-4

Rainforests Year 5-6


(Biomes/ deforestation/ geographical location / Drusillas trip/ Jungle Book)


Year 3/4 Knowledge Organiser

 Year 5/6 Knowledge Organiser

Invaders and Settlers


(Anglo-Saxons, viking invasion/ Viking Day)


Treading the Boards


(Shakespeare/ Globe theatre/ A Midsummer Night's Dream)

Cycle 3

Cycle 4


Kings and Queens


(Tudors/ National Portrait Gallery)


Inventors and Explorers


(Tudor explorers / The Industrial Revolution/inventors)


World War 2  


(including local history/ Bluebell Railway)


Brilliant Britain 

Click here for the LKS2 Brilliant Britain Knowledge organiser

Click here for the UKS2 Brilliant Britain knowledge organiser 

(Counties/ Maps/ Hindu Temple/ Slaugham Church)


Mountain High  


(Map work, physical geography, habitats)


Extreme Earth


(Volcanoes/ Earthquakes/ Science Dome)

Ancient Greece  


(Immersive Greek day/ Greek food/ Olympic games)


Click here for the LKS2 History Knowledge organiser - Ancient Greece

Click here for the UKS2 History Knowledge organiser - Ancient Greece 


Amazing Africa  


(Benin ancient civilisation, Drumming Workshop/ Lion King)


Click here for the geography knowledge organiser -LKS2
Click here for the geography knowledge organiser - UKS2

(Rivers/ Coasts/ Sea/ Titanic/ Cuckmere Haven/ Wind in the Willows)