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NEARS Swimming Gala - July 2024 

Handcross took part in our first swimming gala at The Dolphin leisure centre. Well done to our Year 6s who competed in the NEARS swimming gala - Zoe, Livvy, Erin, Kiera, Thomas, Timur, Alexander and Cody. 

A particular well done to Erin and Thomas who came third in the breaststroke race. We came 3rd for the girls' trophy and overall came 4th out of the 6 competing schools. Well done to St. Peter's who won and for organising a brilliant morning. 

What a great last sports event of the school year! 


Handcross Sports Day - July 2024 

Well done to all our children for taking part in our Sports Day! They all did amazingly well with the field and track events. They should all be so proud of themselves for taking part, having a go and pushing themselves. Lots of personal goals were achieved, house points won, as well as certificates and medals awarded for the winners for the sprint and long distance races.

Thank you to parents for coming to support and to Handcross Park for letting us use your field.

Congratulations to the yellow house for winning and to Erin and Tyler, our captain and vice captain of the house who are incredible athletes! 


NEARS Sports Day - July 2024

We hosted another successful NEARS Sports Day with nine schools competing. Well done and thank you to all our competitors, staff and parents who took part and supported the event. We certainly have lots of amazing athletes in our area, showing off their skills from vortex throwing, standing long jump, sprinting and long distance relay.

Congratulations Bolney for 3rd place, Balcombe for 2nd place and to Handcross for being the overall winners! We also awarded Woodgate the trophy for best sportsmanship.

Year 5/6 Cricket Tournament - June 2024

Seven pupils competed in the Year 5/6 Countdown Cricket Tournament at Burgess Hill Cricket Club. They played against Blackthorns, Harlands, St Peter's & Lindfield. Although they didn't win their games, our team developed their batting, bowling, fielding, match confidence and leadership roles. They kept their spirits up in the 28 degree heat!

Well done to our team of boys: Matisse, Max, Alexander, Wyn, Thomas, Ethan and Reggie. 


Dance Workshop - June 2024 

Selected KS2 children enjoyed a contemporary dance workshop from a teacher and four Y10 students from Ardingly College. The children watched some of the students' performances before being taught their own routines. The students were fantastic leaders and we appreciate them coming in to deliver a fun workshop. We have some fantastic dancers in the Juniors! 


Sussex Cricket Trip - June 2024 

All of our Year 4, 5 and 6 children and staff got the coach to 1st Central cricket Stadium in Hove fo the Sussex Cricket Schools Day. For most of our children (and staff), it was their first experience of watching a professional cricket match. The children loved having the 4 and 6 signs, learning about the cricket positions and rules for the T20 Vipers V South East Stars game. It was non-stop with cheering, singing and dancing, meeting the mascots and getting autographs from the players. 

Thank you to Sussex Cricket for organising the free day for the schools and well done to Vipers for winning the match. 


Quidditch Day - June 2024

The whole school enjoyed Quidditch Day, delivered by Enrich Education. The day started off with an assembly to get everyone excited (not just the Harry Potters fans!) and for the sorting hat to decide the teams. Each class had a workshop where they enjoyed learning about the different roles, equipment and rules and earning points for their team. It was lots of fun! 

We had an assembly at the end of the day to award certificates and announce the the teams' points. Well done to Reu in Reception for being the 'Best Beater', to Olivia in Year 4 for being the 'Best Keeper', to Finn in Year 5 for being the 'Best Chaser' and to Ashur in Year 6 for being the 'Best Golden Snitch'. Congratulations to Hufflepuff (yellow house) for earning 1460 and being the overall winners of the day. 

We hope to organise some more quidditch playing for the children next year!



Year 5 Girls' Football Festival - June 2024

It was girl football morning at Ardingly College, along with Mrs Aylett and Mrs Guiver. All of the girls had a fantastic morning together at the Girls' Football Festival where one hundred girls from 8 schools took part. They began with skill based activities, then played four friendly 7 a-side matches. We have some talented players in Badgers who won all their games.

Meanwhile, Mrs Smith enjoyed a morning at school with the Year 5 boys doing some fun orienteering. 



Year 5/6 Inclusion Festival - June 2024

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children had a fun afternoon learning to play New Age Kurling & Boccia at The Triangle Leisure Centre, Burges Hill. Our pupils all gained in confidence and once familiar with the basics, began implementing their new skills and subtle tactics whilst playing friendly games against other schools.

Well done to Blake, Lola, Amelia, Toby, Kai, Briony, Livvy, Caspian and Ana. 


Year 2 Tri Golf Festival - June 2024 

Some of our Year 2 children had such a fun afternoon at the KS1 Tri Golf festival. Our pupils enjoyed learning from and interacting with the Sports Leaders at St Paul's Catholic College, Burgess Hill, who did a great job demonstrating and leading a carousel of skill based activities. Seagulls have some talented and enthusiastic golfers!

Well done to Rosie, Amlyn, Harrison, Molly, Mylo, Annabelle, Rowan, Tea and Teddy. 


Year 4-6 Netball Friendly Match - June 2024

Some of our netball club/team got the opportunity to play another 'friendly' match at Northlands Woods, Haywards Heath - our third match with them this year. Both matches (for the A team and B team) were fast paced and well fought games. Purple team won 2:0 and Green team lost 1:2. A particular thank you to Year 6's playing their final (or first for some!) netball fixture representing Handcross Primary. Thank you Northlands Wood for being wonderful hosts. 

Well done to the purple team: Kiera, Charlie, Finn, Dexter, Olivia and Jade, and to the green team: Robyn, Albert, Richard, Zoe, Kayla and Alexander for your fantastic netball playing! 


Year 3/4 Tri Golf Competition - May 2024

Ten pf our Year 3 and 4 children had a fantastic afternoon at the Tri Golf Competition, in the glorious East Grinstead sunshine. 16 schools completed 8 activity stations run by sports leaders from Sackville & Imberhorn. Our team worked enthusiastically together to score as many points as possible.

Well done to Lucia, Harper, Tommy, Kayla, Isla, Piper, Archie, Albert, Alexander and Hunter. 


Year 3 and 4 Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Trip - May 2024

The Year 3 and 4s went to Deers Leap Park for their Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA), lead by E3 Adventures. Throughout the day, they tried a range of activities around the site. The Year 3s did rock scramble, bush craft, tree climb and team challenges while the Years 4 did archery, the crate challenge, the climbing wall and abseiling. All the children showed fantastic determination, ambition and resilience, overcoming their fears and achieving goals to make themselves feel very proud. There was lots of kind encouragement from the brilliant E3 Adventures instructors, as well as their peers. We are so proud of what the children achieved! 

Thank you to the Handcross staff and E3 Adventures for making it a fun, memorable and exciting day for our children. We all loved it and want to do it all over again! 


Year 2 Badminton Festival - March 2024 

Selected children from Seagulls had a fantastic time at the Year 2 Badminton festival with Mrs Aylett and Miss Cook. They enjoyed all the activities organised by the St Paul's Sports Leaders, with "Hitting the fluffy ball the furthest" and "Using the net to catch" being the most popular.

Well done to our team of boys: Albie, Roman, Joshua, Theo, Alexander, Archie and Dominic. 


Year 5 Hockey Tournament - March 2024

Our Year 5 hockey team played fantastically in the Y5&6 Quicksticks Hockey Tournament at East Grinstead Hockey Club. They played six matches (4 aside), finishing 4th in their group of seven teams. It was evident just how much their skills, confidence, teamwork and game awareness developed throughout the matches. 

Well done to Honor, Dexter, Toby, Ashton, Wyn, Ethan and Isaac! 


Scooter Experience Day - March 2024 

The whole school enjoyed an exciting assembly from the professional 'scooterer' Terry from the company BMX, Scooter and Skate Academy. Terry was incredibly engaging and told the children his story of his journey into scootering, as well as performing some of his tricks, including a back flip! The loud music, clapping and cheering made it really fun and exciting. There were lots of gasps and 'wow' moments! 

Afterwards, the Year 3 and 4s each took part in an hour long workshop. They each got to ride a scooter and learn different tricks. Throughout the session, the children built their confidence, had fun and asked lots of questions. They even each got a signature from the professional, once-world-champion, 'scooterer'.

Thank you Terry for being incredibly inspiring, motivational and making it a really fun day. As Terry says, 'practise makes progress'! 


Year 4/5 Handball Festival - March 2024

On Monday 4th March, some our Year 4 and 5 children had such a fun afternoon at the Y4/5 Handball Festival, along with nine other schools. The Burgess Hill Academy Year 9 Sports Leaders ran a carousel of activities to develop throwing, catching, aiming, shooting and agility skills. Our children "loved playing the match - it was the best one!"

Well done to Sonny, Kai, Theo, Toby and Ned in Year 5 and Freddie, Grayson, Olivia, Kayla and Abigail In Year 4. 


Year 3/4 Inclusion Festival - March 2024

The mizzly weather didn't dampen the enthusiasm and excitement at the Year 3/4 Inclusion Festival at Twineham! Their sports leaders ran ten skill-based activity stations which all teams completed. It was so lovely to see our pupils interacting with their new team mates from all the other schools.

Well done to Amelia, Matthew, Easten, Regan, Marlie, Lukas and Henry for a fun afternoon. 


Year 3/4 Basketball Festival - January 2024 

Four of our Year 3 boys and five of our Year 4 girls had a great afternoon at the Year 3/4 Basketball Festival at Haywards Heath College. Our players eagerly took part in the activities led by Storm Basketball Club and they enjoyed putting their skills into action playing mini friendly matches! It was wonderful to see them interacting with the Year 12 and 13 Sports Leaders. 

Well done to Jade, Bella, Lucia, Marnie, Katie, Stanley, Ralph, Woody and Iza. 


Year 2 Multi-skills Festival - January 2024 

Some of our Year 2 children took part in the KS1 Multi Skills Festival at Warden Park. Initially a little nervous due to going to a big secondary school, all ten children were excited and enthusiastic to try the variety of activities designed and led by Year 9 Sports Leaders. They children had lots of fun (as did Mrs Aylett and Tori) and they deserve to feel really proud of themselves. Well done to Harrison, Mylo, Rowan, Kitt, Rosie, Molly, Lyla, Ivy R, Tea, Amlyn. 


Mid Sussex Cross Country - January 2024

Our Year 5 and 6 competitive, long distance runners went to East Grinstead for the tough,  muddy cross country race against 200 other children in the area. It was harsh in the cold weather but they showed such determination. 

Their winning positions were: 

  • Ashton - 25th for Year 5 boys 
  • Finn - 31st for Year 5 boys 
  • Honor - 17th for Year 5 girls 
  • Emmie - 26th for Year 5 girls 
  • Ashur - 24th for Year 6 boys 
  • Tyler - 7th for Year 6 boys 
  • Kiera - 35th for Year 6 girls 
  • Erin - 6th for Year 6 girls 

Congratulations to Erin and Tyler who have made it through to the Sussex finals in March. We are so proud of all of the children! 

Thank you to our lovely parents who transported and stayed to watch and cheer on the children. We are so grateful of your support. 

Year 6 Basketball Tournament - January 2024

We've started off the term with first sports event, the Year 6 basketball tournament. A mix of boys and girls competed in a series of feisty matches at St. Pauls' Catholic College. They won their first game and lots the other three. It was a great effort from Cody, Kiera, Charlie, Hannah, Ezri, Timur and Curtis. Well done team!Image preview

Year 5/6 Football Friendly Match - November 2023

Some of our football players at Handcross went to Bolnore Village Primary School to play a friendly match on their pitch. Although a quick match in the cold and dark, the children put in their best effort and enjoyed the opportunity to play against others from a different school. Thank you to Bolnore for hosting - we look forward to organising some more friendly matches in 2024. 

Year 5/6 NEARS Cross Country Event - November 2023 

Nine selected Year 5 and 6 runners competed in the NEARS Cross Country on the 29th November. They ran a 2km, muddy route with a gnarly hill against children from other local schools.  Please see the individual results below. 

Year 6 boys: Tyler (4th), Ashur (8th), Oliver (9th) 
Year 6 girls: Erin (2nd), Kiera (16th) 
Year 5 boys: Ashton (7th), Finn (13th) 
Year 5 girls: Emmie (7th), Honor (8th) 

Overall, Handcross came first and all children have been selected to run in the Mid Sussex Active Primary School Cross Country final. This will include runners representing up to 43 primary schools in the area. 

They should all be incredibly proud of their personal achievements and the support they gave each other on and off the track. 


Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics - November 2023

Some of our Year 5 and 6 athletes competed against St Mark's/Twineham team and St Wilf's at Sportshall Athletics, hosted at Haywards Heath College. The children competed in a series of indoor track and field events, showing off their athleticism. It was particularly lovely to see two Year 8 Warden Park Sports Leaders who are ex. Handcross pupils!

Well done to all of out competitors! 


Netball Friendly Match - November 2023

We watched to provide our dedicated netball players (who attend the weekly club at school with Miss Greany) with an opportunity to apply their skills and play a competitive match against another school. Thank you to Northlands Wood, Haywards Heath, for hosting us! Some of our Year 4, 5 and 6 players were feeling nervous beforehand, having never gone to another school to play a netball match before. Once they were there, they were in full action. Our teams showed great teamwork and camaraderie. Blue team lost 3:2 in an evenly matched game; Red team lost 3:0, working tirelessly in the fading light. A particular thank you to the parents who stayed to watch and support.

Well done Kiera and Charlie (Year 6); Robyn and KG (Year 5) and Jade, Zara, Lily, Olivia, Kayla, Albert and Marine (Year 4). 

NEARS Year 6 Tournament - November 2023 

We took part in the annual NEARS football tournament with some of our talented Year 6 football players. The after-school match took place at St Paul's Catholic College (thank you for hosting us) so the teams were playing under the flood lights in the dark. We're incredibly proud of our team who worked phenomenally hard on and off the pitch, finishing in joint first! Only one school can go forward, so based on goal difference, Bolney Primary School progressed through to the next round.

Well done to our super Year 6 team - Erin, Amelia, Ashur, Cody, Tyler, Zoe, Oliver, Timur, Hannah and Ezri.



Girls Get Active - October 2023

Our sports events have kicked off for the year! Our first was the Girls Get Active festival at the Dolphin Leisure Centre on the 10th October. Some of our Year 5 and 6 girls took part in a host of fun and exciting sports, including Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Raquet Sports, Dance, Cricket & Pickle Ball. There was lots of laughter and definitely some new skills acquired. Taekwondo was definitely a favourite! 


Sports Day - July 2023

We had another successful, fun Sports Day. All of the children took part in a series of field events (as practised in their PE lessons prior to the event), following my the track events (sprints and long distance). Well done to those KS2 children who took part in the 400 metres running race - it is a long way around the track! Lots of points were earned for their house teams, as well as stickers, medals and certificates for the second and first positions for each running race. We are so proud all our children for excellent sporting behaviour and competitive spirit shown at the Handcross Sports Day! Congratulations to Red House for winning the cup! 

Thank you to the families who came and spectated and supported the event. 


NEARS Sports Day - July 2023

On Monday 10th July, Handcross hosted the annual NEARS Sports Day on Handcross Park's ground. Selected KS2 children from across the 7 participating local schools competed in a series of track and field events. Lots of points were earned throughout the morning and all the children showed off their athleticism and good sportsmanship for their school. A big well done to all the children who took part and represented their schools and a thank you to the staff members and families who supported the event. Congratulations to Handcross for coming 2nd place and to Balcombe for coming 1st place! St. Peter's were awarded the Sportsmanship Cup. Everyone had a great time, making themselves and each other proud! 


Year 4/5 Stoolball Festival - July 2023 

Well done to some of our Year 4 and 5 children who went to the stoolball festival at Downlands School, Hassocks - our final sports event of many this school year! They had a great afternoon developing their skills and learning how to play stoolball. Well done to the following children for representing our school so well: Oliver, Matisse, Timur, Cody, Reggie, Ashton, Isaac and Amelia. 

Year 5/6 Cricket Competition - May 2023 

"On the 25th of May 7 boys went to Bolney to a year 5/6 cricket tournament. We played St Peter's, St Giles' and St Wilf's. We played really well and improved our cricket knowledge and had a lot of fun."

Written by Timur (Year 5) 

Thank you to Bolney Cricket Club for hosting the afternoon. 


Year 5/6 Girls' Football Tournament - May 2023

Some of our year 5/6 girls had the opportunity to play in the tournament which was hosted by Ardingly College. Our girls faced strong opposition in all five matches, and should be proud of their passion, determination, mature sportsmanship and team camaraderie - we are! It was great to see the girls looking very smart in our special sporting kit! Thank you to our supporters too.


Year 3/4 Cricket Tournament - May 2023 

Some of our Year 3 and 4 girls and boys had a fabulous afternoon of cricket and sunshine at the cricket tournament. All of the schools were so kind and supportive of each other. Sadly, there were no wins for Handcross but all our players noticeably increased in confidence and skills throughout the afternoon. Thank you Burgess Hill Cricket Club for hosting and to Sussex Cricket for organising the afternoon. 


Year 3/4 Football Festival - May 2023

The girls went to Ardingly full of excitement (and some nerves) to play in some friendly football matches against Ardingly girls and other local schools. After minutes of playing, there was an unexpected storm - torrential rain, hail, thunder & lightning! Sadly (but due to health and safety reasons) the event got cancelled. While the storm passed, the girls still enjoyed themselves under shelter making new friends with other girls and eating snacks. Despite the lack of football and being drenched, the girls showed true resilience. Thank you Ardingly College for organising the event and making everyone so welcome.


Year 2 Cricket Festival - April 2023 

On the 27th April, some of the Year 2s had such fun at the Cricket Festival. We definitely have 5 new cricketeers in Seagulls - Maya, Alexander, Henry, Chloe E and Summer. This was their first experience participating in a multi-school sports event. They should be proud of their enthusiasm, confidence and how maturely they represented our school. 


Year 2 Badminton Festival - April 2023

Overcoming some initial nerves and apprehensions, some of our Year 2 children had great fun at the KS1 Badminton Festival. They learnt new skills, gained in confidence and enjoyed meeting the St Paul's Sports Leaders. They all came away with big smiles, feeling proud of themselves and each other. Well done to our Seagulls: Isabella, Daisy, Easten, Iris and Harper. 


Year 4-6 Girls' Cricket Festival - March 2023

After our fantastic cricket taster session by Sussex Cricket at school earlier in the month, some particularly keen girls from Year 4, 5 and 6 were selected to attend the girls' cricket festival at The Triangle, Burgess Hill. The children completed a series of activities to develop their batting, bowling and fielding skills. Lots of progress was made throughout the afternoon. Even Mrs Aylett and Miss Bloomfield joined in with activities too! Well done to the girls for a fun afternoon - Honor, Havana, Harriet, Robyn, Emmie, Briony, Tilly, Ana, Niamh, Isla and Ivy. 


Year 3/4 Hockey Festival - March 2023

The mizzle did not stop our enthusiastic Year 3 and 4 children having a great time at the Quicksticks Hockey Festival at East Grinstead Sports Club. Throughout the morning on Wednesday 29th March, the children developed their confidence and skills throughout. It was great to see our pupils working together and their interactions with the Imberhorn and Sackville sports leaders. Well done to our super hockey players: Blake, Sonny, Dexter, Albert, Jade, Marnie, Toby, Bella and Harry. 

Image preview

Sussex Cricket Taster Session 

On Wednesday 15th March, Sussex Cricket visited Handcross to deliver a one-hour taster session for each of our KS2 classes. Liam, from Sussex Cricket, set up a series of activities which the children rotated around, working individually, in pairs and teams. They developed skills such as throwing, catching, batting and bowling, and made lots of progress throughout the session. All of the children gained new skills and had fun! Handcross are excited to develop our cricket confidence and take part in upcoming events.

A big thank you to Sussex Cricket providing our children with a fantastic, fun experience, and for inspiring them. 


Year 3/4 Inclusion Festival - March 2023

On Tuesday 14th March, some of our Year 3 and 4 pupils went to Twineham Primary School for the NEARS Inclusion Festival. Teams comprised pupils from each school, all completing a carousel of skill based activities - Team 3 won! It was lovely seeing everyone trying something new, making new friends and the sun even shone! Well done to our children for taking part and giving everything their best go! We are very proud of Kai, Robyn, Isaac and Reggie in Roe Deer class, and to Ruby, Regan, Kai, Cully and Freddie in Caterpillars class. 


Year 2 Multi-skills Festival - March 2023

Six of our lovely Year 2's went to Warden Park Academy on Wednesday 1st March for a multi-skills festival. The children enjoyed going to a 'big school' and trying out lots of fun activities to develop their PE skills. The Sports Leaders had lots of great ideas which we can use without our own sports clubs and as part of brain breaks. Well done to the group for taking part: Iza, Nathan, Jessica, Isabella, Isla and Blake.

Year 5 Tag Rugby Festival - February 2023

Wednesday 8th March was a busy day for lots of our Year 5 children. In the morning was the girls' tag rugby festival, followed by the boys' in the afternoon. Overcoming some initial apprehensions, our Years 5's put new skills into practise, developed in confidence, didn't want their session to end and came away wanting to play more rugby!  There was lots of skill development, teamwork and plenty of mud (especially for the boys!) Thank you to the sports leaders from Downlands & Warden Park, and to Haywards Heath Rugby Club for hosting such a great day.


Year 5/6 Netball Tournament - February 2023

It was a cold but sunny and fun afternoon of netball for our Y5/6 team at the NEARS Tournament at St Paul's Catholic college. Our selected team (all children who attend Year 5/6 netball club on a weekly basis) played matches against Balcombe, St Peter's, St Augustine's and Twineham. The team had some strong sections of play and gained confidence game on game. Thanks to St Paul's for hosting and umpiring, and to our fantastic children who took part: Charlie, Kiera, Jessica, Rowan, Elizabeth, Abigail, Sofia and Natalie. 


Year 3/4 Basketball Festival - February 2023

Mid Sussex Cross Country - January 2023

On Wednesday 18th January, our fantastic three runners, Natalie (Year 6), Erin (Year 5) and Tyler (Year 5) competed in the Mid Sussex cross country event after getting through the first round of the NEARS cross country (see below). Despite the cold, rain, wind, fog and mud, the three children worked incredibly hard to run the 2km race against lots of other children from around the local area.  There were tears at the end from the adrenaline and great achievement of running. Natalie came 3rd out of the Year 6 girls, Erin came 10th out of the Year 5 girls and Tyler came 3rd out of the Year 5 boys. They have all got through to the Sussex Finals which is in April. We are so proud of them!


Year 3/4 Handball Festival - January 2023

On the 16th January, Year 4s and 5s went to a handball festival at Burgess Hill Academy. It included Ella, Honor, Toby C, Lola, Theo, Ethan, Ana, Amelia, Thomas and Alexander. We went to help us with our skills in handball. There were ten stations with different activities. 

Written by Ella and Honor (Year 4)


NEARS Football Tournament - November 2022

A selection of our Year 5 and 6 children went to St Paul’s (Burgess Hill) for the NEARS football tournament. The children played a round robin of matches, playing against seven other NEARS schools. Overall, Handcross Primary School came 3rd! Well done to Bolney School for winning the tournament and going through to the Mid Sussex round. A big well done to our footballers: Ashur, Oliver, Tyler, Finley, Gray, Isla, Niamh, Ralph, Teddy and Tilly.

NEARS Cross Country - November 2022

On the 16th November 2022, some of our year 5 and 6 children competed in the NEARS cross country event at St. Giles, Horsted Keynes. Being recognised for their running ability and stamina, the children ran the muddy 2km track, running against children from seven other NEARS schools. Well done to our competitors – Tyler, Gray, Cody, Kiera, Erin, Hannah, Elizabeth. A special well done to Tyler for coming 3rd out of all of the boys and Erin for coming 4th out of the girls. Erin, Tyler and Natalie will be going through to the Mid Sussex Cross Country event in January.

Platinum Award 2022/23

We are delighted to announce that Handcross Primary School have achieved the School Games Platinum Mark Award for the 2022/23 academic year.

The School Games Mark is a Government-led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward and recognise school’s engagement (provision and uptake) in the School Games against a national benchmark and to celebrate keeping young people active, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

We are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of physical activity and school sport, including our Year 6 Sports Leaders, staff and parents who made our events possible. We are committed to using the School Games to try and engage those young people who haven’t previously been active or represented our school and to try and ensure that all our children have a positive experience and want to try out new activities beyond school too in our community. We believe in the power of physical activity and school sport as a school and give opportunities to those young people that need it most. 

As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas linked to the five School Games outcomes and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year. A special thanks to Miss Bloomfield, Mrs Aylett, Mrs Cribb and Steve who have helped us achieve this fantastic award this year. We are very proud! 

Handcross Sports Day

On Wednesday 13th July, Handcross hosted their Sports Day. It was lovely to have families join us for the first time in three years - thank you to everyone who was able to attend. 

All of the children completed a series of skill-based events, such as hurdles, standing long jump, vortex throwing, egg and spoon race and skipping. This was followed by the running races - sprints (50 or 75 metres) and the long distance race (400 metres). Throughout the morning, lots of house points were earned for coming 1st and 2nd place, as well as stickers, certificates and medals for the running races. Everyone showed fantastic sportsmanship and were trying their best with their events. A big well done to everyone for their effort! 

Once all of the house points were totalled, it was announced that Red House had the most points. Well done Reds! They did a celebratory lap of the track. 

Women's EURO Match - July 2022

Thirty of our Year 5 and 6 girls and boys had the amazing opportunity to go to one of the Women's EURO matches at the Amex Stadium, Brighton. What made it even more exciting was that it was England Vs. Norway. The children loved the atmosphere - cheering, chanting, clapping, waving their flags and doing the Mexican Wave around the stadium - all the while, watching the match. England just kept on scoring, resulting in a final score of 8 v 0 to England. What a victory! The children continued their celebratory cheering all the way home on the minibus, despite it being a late night for them. Go England's women's team! 

NEARS Sports Day - July 2022

 On Monday 11th July, Handcross hosted the NEARS Sports Day on Handcross Park grounds – the first one since 2019. Six other schools from the NEARS locality took part. Selected children from KS2 competed in different field and track events including vortex throwing, standing long jump, bean bag shuttle run, sprints, long distance run and relay. All of the children from all schools showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the morning, cheering on members from their school. Despite the hot weather, the children all tried so hard with their events. We congratulate Balcombe for winning the Sportsmanship Cup! Points were awarded along the way for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners for each event. Overall, St. Peter’s came 3rd, Balcombe came 2nd and Handcross came 1st. We are so proud! Well done Handcross for an amazing achievement – we all did a celebratory lap around the track.

Thank you to the following schools for being part of this wonderful sporting event – Balcombe, Bolney, St. Giles, St. Mark’s, St. Peter’s, Twineham, Woodgate - and to the families who came and supported it. 

Year 3/4 Stoolball - July 2022

Some of our Year 3 and 4 children experienced a taster of stoolball, a sport that originated in Sussex in the 15th century. With the help of the Sport Leaders at Downlands Community School, the children did lots of different activities to develop their skills - throwing, catching, bowling and batting - before playing some stoolball games. The children all had lots of fun and made so much progress throughout their afternoon. A big well done to Emmie, Havana, Harry, Dexter, Kai, Amelia, Elin, Zoe, Livvy and Ronnie. 

Year 6 Inclusion Festival - June 2022

On Monday 27th June, nine of our Year 6s went to Twineham for an Inclusion Festival. They different ten different activities which linked to sports that are part of the Commonwealth Games. It was lovely to see the children all working together and making new friends before moving to secondary school. 

Year 3/4 Inclusion Festival - June 2022

Some of our Year 3 and 4s went to Twineham Primary School for an Inclusion Festival. The event was Commonwealth themed where each team represented a different country. The children completed a carousel of activities linking to sports in the Commonwealth Games, such as tennis, throwing and basketball. Well done to George, Vinnie, Sophia, Briony, Elise, George, Issac, Sonny, Kayla and Robyn, and to team Barbados for winning! 

Year 4/5 Kwik Cricket - May 2022

Ten of our Year 4 and 5 children went to Ansty Cricket Club for a fun afternoon of playing cricket. As part of a tournament, they played three competitive matches. Everyone got to bat, bowl and field; some learnt how to keep score. It was evident how their skills and confidence grew each games and they would all now to play more cricket now. Well done to Freddie, Kairo, Bay, Ethan, Tyler, Alexander, Hannah, Niamh and Erin. 

Year 5/6 Girls' Football - May 2022

On the 18th May at Ardingly College, some of our Year 5 and 6 girls played in a friendly football tournament. The team were a true credit to themselves individually and in their team work. A big well done girls - Ella, Michelle, Amina, Frankie, Lily-Mae, Isla and Tilly - for coming 4th out of the 12 schools competing. Thank you to the parents who watched and supported too!

Year 6 Basketball Tournament - April 2022

Some of our year 6 children went to Haywards Heath College for a basketball on Friday 1st April. They competitively played against other local schools in the tournament, putting their recently developed skills from PE lessons to practise. Well done to Isla Ja, Ethan, Wilf, Michelle, Willow, Ibby, Eva, Josh and Ellie. You played fantastically!

 Judo Success

Kiera (year 4) has been doing fantastically with Judo outside of school. She has been doing the martial arts for several years now and has now achieved her yellow belt. She recently attended a competition in Kidderminster and won a bronze medal. Kiera is very excited about being selected to represent Sussex at the inter counties competition in May. We are very proud of Kiera's Judo success! 

Year 3/4 Handball Festival - March 2022

On Monday 14th March, nine of our year 3 and 4 children went to Warden Park for a handball festival. Through a series of activities, the children practised and developed their skills. This will help them in their PE lessons as their current topic is handball. Well done to Tyler, Ashur, Charlie, Erin, Tiffany, Ella, Elizabeth, Rigby and Luke.

Year 5/6 Girls Football Festival - March 2022

On Wednesday 9th March 2022, eight of our year 5 and 6 girls went to Ardingly College for a football festival. They developed their football skills through a series of activities before playing some ‘friendly’ matches. The event was part of #LetGirlsPlay in order to promote more girls playing sports, including football. BBC News attended to get some footage of the girls playing which was aired on the news that day! Well done to the following girls who had a great morning playing – Hannah, Eva, Emma, Scarlett, Natalie, Niamh, Jessica and Kaitlyn.  

Sussex Cross Country Finals - March 2022

Following the brilliant success of the Mid Sussex Active cross country event, Willow and Natalie took part in the Sussex cross country finals on Thursday 3rd March 2022. Along with Mrs Aylett, the children travelled to Waterhall, Brighton to run a track of 2km against hundreds of other children. A massive well done to the girls for competing in this huge event! We are all so proud of you!

Year 5/6 Cricket Tournament - February 2022

On Monday 28th February 2022, Mrs Aylett and Mrs Powell accompanied eight of our year 5 and 6 children to The Triangle for a cricket tournament, run by Sussex Cricket Foundation. Having not played cricket since the summer, the children showed that they remembered the rules and used their skills to compete in several ‘friendly’ matches against other local schools. The children are really enthused to play more cricket in the future! Well done to Teddy, James, Fletcher, Zach M, Hannah, Abigail, Louise and Scarlett for competing.

Year 3/4 Badminton Festival - February 2022

Ten of our year 3 and 4 children attended a badminton festival on Wednesday 16th February 2022. In Haywards Heath sports hall, the children did a round robin of eleven different activities based around badminton in order to develop their skills. The children particularly enjoyed using the badminton rackets and the ‘fluffy balls’ that were used instead of shuttlecocks. Despite there being some nerves before the event having never played badminton before, the children all really enjoyed themselves and would like to play badminton again in the future. Well done to the following children for brilliantly representing our school and partaking with lots of enthusiasm – Riley, Ana, Hannah, Ella, Theo, Aston, Tilly, Ethan, Thomas and Curtis. 

NEARS Netball Tournament and Festival - February 2022

Monday 14th February was a busy day of netball with both the NEARS tournament and festival. At Warden Park, our team of 6 girls competed in several matches against other NEARS schools. Well done to Isla Ja, Ellie, Willow, Jessie, Ibby and two others, and to Amy who was our photographer for the event! Handcross won the tournament and have made it through to the Mid Sussex Active finals next month! What a huge success, and thank you to Mrs Aylett and Miss Greany for all of the fantastic coaching and support.

Meanwhile on the hard courts, some of children got to develop their netball skills through four different activities which were organised by the Warden Park Sports Leaders. Well done to Joey, Abigail, Sofia, Matisse, Charlie, Kiera, Oliver, Richard and Rowan. They had torrential rain, hail and even a rainbow however, despite getting soaked, the children still tried very hard and had fun!

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics - February 2022

On Friday 11th February 2022, lots of our year 5 and 6 children went to Haywards Heath College for a sports hall athletics event. The children were chosen based on their athletics abilities whereby they competed in a range of track and field events, including relays, an obstacle relay, chest push, long jump, triple jump, speed bounce, vertical jump and soft javelin. Miss Bloomfield even had to compete in a soft javelin throw off with some other teachers! The children had a fun morning, showed fantastic sportsmanship cheering each other on, and with our overall points earned, came 4th out of the five competing schools.

Year 3/4 Quickstick Hockey - February 2022

Ten of our year 3 and 4 children went to Downloads School on Wednesday 2nd February 2022 for a quickstick hockey festival. With lots of other schools present, the children played lots of different activities to practise and develop their hockey skills. The children enjoyed going to a different school, playing on their hardcourts and of course had fun! Well done to the Downlands Sports Leaders for organising the great activities and to the children for taking part – Finn, Cody, Timur, Matisse, Max, Ezri, Dexter, Honor, Harriet and Amelia.

Mid Sussex Active Cross Country - January 2022

On Wednesday 19th January 2022, some of our year 5 and 6 children attended the cross country race at East Grinstead. Despite the cold weather, the children tried fantastically hard to run around the course with other local schools. A big well done to everyone who competed – Willow, Ethan, Gray, Natalie, Diasy and Darcey – and especially to Willow (year 6), Daisy (year 6) and Natalie (year 5) who all made it through to the Sussex Finals.

Sports Day - July 2021

All of the classes took part in Sports Day within their Key Stage bubbles this year. Each class was put into four groups where the children competed against 7/8 other boys or girls in their class. The children did a range of athletic activities, which they had practised in PE in lessons in the previous weeks. The activities included track, sprint, hurdles, javelin, beanbag throwing, ring throwing, 3-spring jump. Throughout the session, the children all showed the School Games values of passion, belief, respect, honesty, determination and teamwork. The children earned lots of house points for their team, as well as stickers, certificates and medals. It was great to see all of the children so enthusiastically supporting their peers and having fun! A big well done to all staff, who went to great efforts to make this a fantastic sporting event. The overall winners of the Sports Cup was announced in whole school assembly: the Yellow house team! The Sports Captains for Yellow House led the all members of their team on a lap of honour during our outdoor assembly – Well done, yellows!

Women in Sport 

On the 3rd March 2020, we went to Ardingly College and we met famous gold medalists. The first medalist we met was Tasmin Greenway, who ran a netball session. The second person was Sally Gunnell who ran the athletics and hurdling event. When she was younger, she did the 100 metre hurdles and wanted to give herself a challenge so she went on and did the 400 metre hurdles. Next there was Karen Pickering, who did swimming but we did not get a chance to see her swim or do it ourselves. Chloe Brown is an Irish international hockey played and Mike Gardner is a ladies football coach for Crawley Wasps. There were six girls who got picked for this opportunity. Their names were Willow, Natty, Vanessa, Lexi, Erykah and Fatim.

We learnt things like different tricks in football and athletics. If Mrs Aylett hadn’t taken us, we wouldn’t of had the best time at this event.

 Written by Natty and Willow (Year 5)

Mid Sussex Basketball Tournament

On the 3rd March 2020, Oscar, Sam, Bobby, Leon, Jasmine, Noah D and Lewis went to St Paul’s Secondary School to compete in a basketball tournament. We played six matches and we won 2, lost 3 and drew 1. Overall, we came in 7th place out of the 12 teams. The top two teams progressed to the next round. Even though we came 7th, we all enjoyed ourselves and learnt a lot about how to play basketball better.

 Written by Oscar, Bobby and Sam (Year 5)

NEARS Netball Tournament

On the 25th February 2020, Avni, Eddie, Leon, Jasmine, Flo and Finnley played in the NEARS netball tournament at The Triangle, Burgess Hill. Our fantastic team played 8 matches, with all players taking on the challenges of competitive sport with fantastic enthusiasm and team work.

Hockey Tournament

On the 26th February 2020, some children went to a quicksticks hockey tournament. These children were Erykah, Tilly, Hubert, Finn, Lewis and Noah D. We played against St Wilfred’s (2 v 1 to us), Blackthorns (1 v 1), Harlands (3 v 0 to them), Windmills (1 v 0 to us), St. Joseph’s (1 v 2 to them) and Manor Field (2 v 0 to us). We had lots of fun! We came 9th out of 19 schools.

 Written by Tilly and Erykah (Year 5)

KS1 Sportshall Athletics

On the 11th February, some of our Year 1 and Year 2 pupils got to go to Oathall Secondary school for an indoor Sportshall Athletic event. George, Ned, Alexander, Kai, Dexter, Cody, Kayla, Hannah, Ayah, Erin, Olivia got to go. It was a bit scary at first but we still had lots of fun!

Hockey Festival

On January the 29th, Hubert, Olivia, Ibby, Josh, Tilly, Oscar and Erykah went to a hockey festival at Downlands Secondary School. We were supervised by the double act Mrs A and Mrs Cribb. Surprisingly, there were 18 other schools. We worked hard with six sports leaders who all worked our socks off. At the end of the session, we were awarded ‘Spirit of the Game’ for our determination, team work and good listening to the sports leaders. When we got back, we were exhausted.

 Written by Ibby (Year 4)

Netball Festival

On the 23rd January, we went to Ilfield Community College (ICC) for a netball festival. Finnley, Avni, Florence, Eddie, Ellie, Leon and Jasmine all went. We played games against lots of other schools like Maidenbower, Three Bridges and St Margaret’s. We did some warm ups on their netball courts. When we weren’t playing a game or watching, we would practise netball passes and marking.

 Written by Avni and Finnley (Year 5)

Cross Country

On the 22nd January, AJ and Alice did a cross country run of 2 kilometres at East Court in East Grinstead. It was extremely hard and muddy. We had to have numbers – AJ was 34 and Alice was 44. It was fun but difficult. We would do it again but with less hills. There was a hill that was either Heroic Hill or Horrendous Hill. We both came back to school very muddy.

 Written by AJ and Alice (Year 6)