Handcross Primary

Religious Education

At Handcross Primary, we value the skills that teaching RE enables children to develop. RE lessons are carefully planned in accordance with the WSCC Agreed Syllabus. We believe the skills children develop in RE are crucial to help them establish a moral code and the means to not make pre-judgements in the broader context of our school and community. It helps children to be better informed and provides them with the knowledge to counter prejudice and see diversity as something positive, resulting in responsible members of our community.

Our children show a love for learning in RE - 99%  of children at Handcross agree that RE has enabled them to understand everyone is different, including his or her beliefs (77% strongly agree).

We focus on Christianity, Judaism and Islam but other religions in our community are celebrated through choral retells, assemblies, diversity week and parent visits. We love hearing children engage in meaningful discussions about different beliefs, viewpoints and worldviews!

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Here is a link to the Agreed West Sussex Syllabus for Religious Education 2020-2025, which staff use to teach Religious Education at Handcross Primary:

WSCC Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education