Handcross Primary


At Handcross Primary, we aim to provide an engaging science curriculum which builds upon children's natural curiosity and develops essential skills such as perseverance, questioning, open-mindedness, critical thinking and co-operation. We offer children first-hand experiences of the world around them through making the most of the outdoor environments in school and within our locality.

As well as teaching specific scientific knowledge and building conceptual understanding, investigative skills are built into each science area of study so that children learn how to work scientifically. 

In Key Stage 1, science is embedded in cross-curricular topics which engage and excite the children. By the end of Year 2, children will have covered the science curriculum for Key Stage 1. 

In Key Stage 2, science is taught as a discreet subject and follows the programmes of study for each year group in the national curriculum. 

Science Resources

Primary National Curriculum - Science

BBC Bitesize KS1

 BBC Bitesize KS2

Planet Science