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Science at Handcross


At Handcross Primary, we aim to provide an engaging science curriculum which builds upon children's natural curiosity and develops essential skills such as perseverance, questioning, open-mindedness, critical thinking and co-operation. We offer children first-hand experiences of the world around them through making the most of the outdoor environments in school and within our locality.

As well as teaching specific scientific knowledge and building conceptual understanding, investigative skills are built into each science area of study so that children learn how to work scientifically. 

The children learn the science program of study through the main types of scientific enquiry. These are observing changes over time, comparative and fair testing, identifying, classifying, pattern seeking and researching. These enquiry skills develop as the children progress through each year group.

In EYFS, children learn about science by exploring the world around them through explorative learning possibilities. This includes using the class garden area and mud kitchen to explore the world around them.

In Key Stage 1, science is embedded in cross-curricular topics which engage and excite the children. 

In Key Stage 2, science is taught as a discreet subject and follows the programmes of study for each year group in the national curriculum. 

We celebrate science, technology, engineering and maths each year during STEM Week. Please see our STEM 2022 video:

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In September 2019, we started our school journey to become an Eco School. Eco Schools is an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that aims to “empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated and socially responsible learning.” 

The schools 'Eco Warriors' have been working hard at school and have achieved the bronze Eco-Schools award!



We are extremely proud of this and the Eco Warriors are now working towards achieving the silver award. We hope to have achieved our Silver Award by the end of 2022.