Handcross Primary


Click on each picture to read bios written by Year 6 children

Leadership Team

  • Sharon Bondonno
    Headteacher & Senco
  • Charlotte Stone
    Deputy Headteacher
  • Sophie Davies
    SENCo & Full Time Intervention Teacher

EYFS & Key Stage 1 Teachers

  • Lydia Ralph
    Year R - Hedgehogs
  • Sarah Palmer
    Year 1 - Robins
  • Natasha Waterman
    Year 2 - Seagulls & KS1 Leader

 Key Stage 2 Teachers

  • Jessica Dodwell
    Year 3 - Caterpillars
  • Hannah Bloomfield
    Year 4 - Roe Deer
  • Rosie McDonnell
    Year 4/5 - Badgers
  • Caroline Marshall
    Year 5 - Foxes & Maths Lead
  • Charlotte Stone
    Year 6 - Kestrels & KS2 Leader

 Teaching Assistants

  • Jess Davis
    Learning Mentor
  • Angela Cribb
    Teaching Assistant & Wrap Around Care Leader
  • Charlotte Greany
    Hedgehogs - Teaching Assistant
  • Tracy Wright
    Hedgehogs - Teaching Assistant
  • Emma Grant
    Robins - Teaching Assistant
  • Ellie Powell
    Robins/Seagulls - Teaching Assistant
  • Helen Taylor
    Seagulls - Teaching Assistant
  • Julia Ford
    Caterpillars - Teaching Assistant
  • Carrie-Anne Caiger
    Roe Deer - Teaching Assistant
  • Julie Guiver
    Badgers - Teaching Assistant
  • Emily O'Brien
    Foxes - Teaching Assistant
  • Antje Taylor
    Foxes - Teaching Assistant
  • Catherine Aylett
    Kestrels - Teaching Assistant & Forest School Leader
  • Sam Powell
    Kestrels - Teaching Assistant
  • Lisa Varndell
    Wrap Around Care Assistant

 Office Staff

  • Henry Brennan
    Business Manager & Data Protection Officer
  • Melanie Vallance
    Apprentice Business Manager & Clerk to Governors
  • Amanda Correia
    Office Adminstrator
  • Andrea Hewitt
    Office Administrator

 Specialist Teachers

Sandrine Havanne | French Language

Sandrine is our lovely French teacher. Her hobbies are reading and swimming and she loves seafood. She lived in France for most of her life but has been in England for the past 14 years. She has a little boy, 1 hamster and 3 fish. Her favourite subject is Philosophy.

Clare Morris | Music

Mrs Morris is our music teacher. She is very good at playing the piano, flute, guitar, double base and more! In her spare time she enjoys walking her dog Roxy and spending time with her three daughters. The reason she loves music is because when she was in secondary school her music teacher wrote musicals about the environment for the WWF. Mrs Morris' class went with their music teacher to sing on TV with Sting in Washington & New York. 

Steve Sneller, Ross Walters, Henry Lowis | South Coast Sports - PE

South Coast Sports has been in existence since 1998. Over the years South Coast Sports has diversified and is now run by company directors Ali O’Boyle, Steve Sneller and James Belding. All of whom are Coaches themselves and understand that children who have positive experiences of sport at a young age, are significantly more likely to continue sport into adulthood and lead healthier lifestyles. With almost 20 years experience teaching PE across the primary age range, Head Coach Steve prides himself on effective behaviour management, outstanding lessons and catering to all abilities within his lessons.