Handcross Primary


We have a school uniform, which all children wear. Each item needs to be marked with your child's name.

Children also need to bring in an old baggy T-shirt to cover themselves during messy activities.

Lost Property

All named items that are lost are quickly returned to their owners. Any other lost items are kept in the office and periodically displayed at picking up time.  Any unnamed, unclaimed items will then be disposed of.  Please feel free to assist your child in claiming their lost property.

All children must bring a clearly named water bottle every day (water only – no juice/squash).

Hair bands and grips in school colours only.

If ears are pierced, only studs may be worn. (These should not be worn on PE and swimming days. Please supply micropore tape if earrings cannot be removed) Children are not permitted to wear any other jewellery.

IMPORTANT: Children should only bring essential belongings to school - we do not have much storage space!


Winter Option

  • Maroon polo shirt with school logo
  • Maroon, elasticated jogging bottoms
  • Maroon sweatshirt (boys) or cardigan (girls) with school logo
  • Plain black, grey or white socks
  • Black trainers with Velcro straps
  • School jacket with school logo
  • Please note that leggings may not be worn instead of jogging bottoms.


Summer option

  • Maroon polo shirt with school logo
  • Maroon cotton shorts or skort
  • Maroon sweatshirt (with logo)
  • Short grey or white socks (no tights to be worn with shorts)
  • Optional school cap

* If it is hot and sunny the children must bring a sun hat/cap and come to school wearing sun cream.

**The blue gingham summer dresses are not allowed for infant children.

The idea behind this infant uniform is that the children are always dressed for action and that no separate PE uniform is required. When the Infants wear the uniform outlined above, it requires no changing time for PE and valuable curriculum time is gained.

Junior Children - Year 3, 4, 5 & 6

Children are not permitted to wear makeup or jewellery other than ear studs.

Junior children may wear:

  • Maroon polo shirt with school logo
  • Maroon sweatshirt (boys) or cardigan (girls) with school logo
  • With:
  • Light grey school trousers or light grey school skirt (not charcoal grey)
  • Black, grey or white socks or grey tights
  • Sensible black shoes (Juniors are not allowed to wear trainers for school wear)
  • School jacket with school logo


Summer option

  • Light grey shorts or pale blue gingham dress (juniors only)
  • Maroon polo shirt with light grey shorts/trousers/skirt.


PE Uniform for Juniors

(to be brought in every Monday in a drawstring bag clearly marked with the child's name and taken home on Fridays for washing)

  • Maroon polo shirt with school logo
  • Maroon cotton shorts/optional maroon skort for girls
  • Short white or grey socks
  • Black trainers or plimsolls


For Swimming:

  • Swimming costume (one piece for girls, trunks/shorts for boys)
  • Swim hat (available to purchase via the school office)
  • Towel

Please click here for Handcross Primary School Uniform information. 

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